Work may keep a roof over your head, but work-related injuries can also force you to spend an inordinate amount of time under the roof instead of at your job. Acute traumatic injuries, repetitive strain injuries and other discomforts may entitle you to receive medical treatment coverage via workers compensation. If that's the case, you'll be relieved to know that each Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud chiropractor on our three-chiropractor team can provide the primary care and treatment documentation you need to receive this form of compensation.

Common Workers Compensation Injuries

Just about any occupation can lead to some kind of injury, either directly or indirectly. Slips and falls, for instance, can cause acute injuries to your vertebrae or other joints, while lifting a heavy object without the necessary equipment or teammate assistance can cause both torn muscles and herniated discs that pinch the spinal nerve roots. If you drive for a living, vehicular accidents may also fall under the category of work injuries, causing you to leave your workplace with a case of whiplash, sciatica, seat belt injury or other damage. If your work has caused these injuries and your employer provides workers compensation, then you can claim coverage for your medical expenses.

Other work injuries are less dramatic but no less painful and debilitating. Even if you sit quietly at a desk all day, you can sustain repetitive motion injuries such as neck strain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and strained back muscles from having to twist in your seat to access file drawers.

How Our St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids Chiropractor Can Help

Minnesota workers comp law permits you to receive compensation for chiropractic care among other types of medical coverage -- up to 12 weeks of treatment at the time of the accident, plus up to 12 additional visits in the 12 months following that period. But it's critical that your St. Cloud or Sauk Rapids chiropractor provide all the necessary documentation to make your claim valid. Our team at Spinal Rehab Clinic not only gives you the treatment you need to get back to work, but we also make sure those procedures are documented and submitted correctly so you can be compensated 100 percent.

Your chiropractor in St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids will discuss your injury circumstances and symptoms with you while performing a detailed physical evaluation to pinpoint the problem. We can then prescribe chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy and physical therapy to relieve pain, tingling, numbness and motor control problems while restoring strength and range of motion. Your chiropractor in St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids can also recommend ergonomic or work habit adjustments to help prevent re-injury.

Need a Workers Comp Chiropractor in Sauk Rapids or St. Cloud?

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