Whiplash is often used to describe the sudden movement of the head on impact. The safety belt secures your body to the seat it does nothing to stop the flailing motion of the head on impact.

How Our Chiropractors at Spinal Rehab Clinic Can Help

Our Spinal Rehab Clinics Chiropractors are looking for torn, damaged and mechanically misaligned joints in the neck and back. The vertebra in the spine can be moved. Quick jerky forces make them shift jam swell and spasm. If you have had a car accident within the last year and are experiencing any of the following symptoms you may have a vertebra mis-aligned and jammed.

Symptoms of Veterbral Subluxation (mis-alignment)

  1. Neck pain jabbing with or without movement
  2. Neck discomfort chronic sore stiff
  3. Headaches both sharp or dull
  4. Tired, depressed lethargist
  5. Referred pain tingling numbess into: Arm and hand, head front back or side, between shoulder blades and chest pain.

Not sure what to do? We can help

Diagnosing spinal misalignment is a quick easy process. Our Chiropractors are trained to painlessly diagnose the presence of subluxations. Palpation of the spine along with X-ray and range of motion tests help the doctor determine if you have a subluxation in your neck or back, and by the way, Car Insurance covers this 100%!

Remember not all healthcare providers are trained to find and then rehabilitate subluxated vertebra. Many people after car accident injury suffer for years needlessly because the condition was never properly diagnosed and treated.

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