The health and wellness staff at Spinal Rehab Clinic invites you to visit our chiropractor in Sauk Rapids for pain relief. Pain resonates for a variety of reasons including injuries from auto accidents and physical activities, spinal abnormalities, overuse, poor posture, chronic conditions and genetic conditions. Your pain may linger for a day or two, last for months or come and go at will. Our Sauk Rapids chiropractic team works to identify the causes of your pain to help you live a pain free life. Dr. Joseph M. McKiernan, Dr. Daniel T. Carlson and Dr. Charles L. Thompson combine their knowledge and efforts to evaluate your condition, determine the source of your pain and implement a chiropractic care plan for pain management and healing.

Whether you are experiencing shoulder pain, low back pain, headaches, neck pain, sciatica, migraines, knee pain, wrist pain or back pain, we invite residents of Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, Waite Park and Central MN are to receive pain relief from our holistic approach.



Our Saulk Rapids and St Cloud chiropractic staff encourages you to seek immediate relief through our natural approach. Our wellness team approaches your pain at the source to eliminate your symptoms and restore your mobility. For effective and lasting pain treatments, our Spinal Rehab Clinic team offers a variety of services to heal your injuries and lessen your discomfort. After your evaluation, your chiropractic care plan may include:

Chiropractic adjustments - to position your neck and back and joints such as your knees, elbows and wrists into an alignment that reduces nerve pressure and pain. Gentle manipulations also restore your mobility and ease of movement. Adjustments are helpful for a variety of conditions such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and sciatica.

Massage Therapy - to lessen your muscle tension and scar tissue. A muscle injury may cause inflammation in the area and massage helps to eliminate this swelling. As a result, your pain decreases. Massage also helps to establish muscular balance to eliminate an unnatural pull on your bones which can slide them out of alignment.

Acupuncture - to improve circulation and energy flow to painful areas. This helps to rid your body of toxins that are contributing to your pain.

Physical Therapy - to move your back and joints to help speed recovery from low back pain, sciatica and sports injuries. Our health team shows you how to exercise to support a healthy posture and joint function.

Lifestyle and Nutrition Tips - are given by our chiropractor in St Cloud to provide daily pain relief.

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For natural pain relief options, our chiropractors are at the ready for you and your family. We position your body to recover quickly and restore your mobility. Our family-friendly health center provides gentle care for all ages. To schedule your evaluation or appointment, please contact our Sauk Rapids chiropractor today at 320-252-2225.