When you visit Spinal Rehab Clinics in Sauk Rapids complaining of back pain, neck pain, headaches & migraines, or auto accident injuries, we may recommend acupuncture in addition to Chiropractic care. Learn how acupuncture, a form of Chinese medicine, can work as a standalone treatment or complement chiropractic when it comes to injury healing, pain management, and holistic care.


Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which the Sauk Rapids and St. Cloud based Spinal Rehab Clinics use to promote mental and physical well being. In an acupuncture session, with Spinal Rehab Clinics our Chiropractor will insert thin needles into your muscle tissue to promote recovery by balancing your life force energy, known as qi. When qi cannot move freely in the body due to blockages, pain and disease may arise. Through acupuncture and chiropractic, we are able to reverse many health conditions, including:

  • Headaches & migraines
  • Natural stress relief
  • Chronic pain management for arthritis and other conditions
  • Neck and back pain

Who Should Try Acupuncture?

Anyone suffering from pain who wants to find natural pain relief from our Sauk Rapids chiropractor is invited to try acupuncture. While it typically takes several acupuncture appointments to find full pain relief, many patients feel a direct reduction in their symptoms after their first appointment with our St. Cloud and our Sauk Rapids Chiropractor.

What to Expect in a Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment

When you visit Spinal Rehab Clinics, whether for stress relief or for neck and back pain relief, we begin by asking you about your diet, lifestyle, habits, and symptoms. In Chinese medicine as well as in chiropractic, these can play a role in keeping you ill or helping you recover. By advising you on how to live in wellness and avoid illness, we can show you how to manage pain better in between appointments.

Next, we insert thin needles into your body using an applicator. The needles are very fine and do not go in deep. Most patients feel little to no pain with acupuncture. Once all the needles are in, we leave you to rest for a short time. During this portion of the acupuncture appointment, many patients get so relaxed that they fall asleep!

If we feel it is in your best interest, we may suggest combining acupuncture with chiropractic, physical therapy, or both. By combining treatments, we are able to save you time spent traveling to wellness providers while boosting your nervous and immune system with a diversified approach. As a result, you enjoy a more complete recovery!

If you would like to learn more about acupuncture and you are a new patient of ours, your initial consultation is FREE. We'll discuss your symptoms, explain exactly how we can help, and let you make the decision to proceed.

Ready to give acupuncture a try? Reserve your next holistic care appointment at our Sauk Rapids chiropractic clinic online or by calling 320-252-2225.