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After a knee injury, you may experience a great deal of pain, joint stiffness and a loss of your natural range of motion. Depending on the severity of your injury, this can make it hard to complete everyday tasks and even leave you out of work. While traditional medicine may suggest that more invasive treatment methods will work to heal your injuries, at Spinal Rehab Clinic, we understand that prescription medications and surgery aren't always the best option.

Knee Injury Treatment and Pain Management in Sauk Rapids

Our highly-trained and skilled chiropractic care team have the tools necessary to target the root cause of your knee pain to determine an injury treatment plan that will help your body heal naturally. The benefits of routine chiropractic adjustments are many but for those seeking a drug-free pain management option, these targeted adjustments are ideal.

Depending on the severity of your knee injury, we may use a combination of treatment methods to help alleviate your pain. We may suggest using chiropractic adjustments in combination with massage therapy, physical therapy and corrective exercises to increase your overall range of motion, reduce inflammation and improve overall function.

When Should I Seek Treatment for Knee Pain?

Not sure if you're a good candidate for knee injury treatment? There are several signs that you should be aware of if you or a loved one is dealing with chronic knee pain, including:

  • Knee pain that persists for more than a week.
  • Over-the-counter pain medications are not working to relieve pain.
  • You are limiting your activity levels to avoid flair ups.
  • The pain is interfering with everyday activities like bending down, climbing stairs and getting out of bed.

If your knee pain has become a daily bother, it is time to seek the help of our experienced chiropractic care team. Our dedicated and skilled chiropractor will address your concerns and investigate the root cause of your knee pain. Whether you recently sustained an injury at work, on the playing field or in an auto accident, don't let another day go by where you have to limit your lifestyle to deal with the pain.

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With regular chiropractic care, a knee injury doesn't have to be something that takes over your life. Are you interested in learning more about how chiropractic care adjustments can help to relieve your chronic knee pain and promote a higher level of overall wellness? Call 320-252-2225 or visit the team at Spinal Rehab Clinic online today to schedule an initial consultation.