We seek to keep all our patients "moving in the right direction" at Spinal Rehab Clinic. That starts with a life free from pain. Whether you have a nagging sports injury, chronic pain, or a medical condition that leaves you stiff and sore, you can benefit from physical therapy.


Most commonly prescribed to rehabilitate a body part after an injury, physical therapy can restore flexibility and mobility, stretch stiff joints and muscles, and alleviate pain.

At Spinal Rehab Clinic, our St Cloud physical therapist will prescribe a combination of stretches, gentle exercises, and chiropractic techniques. Patients can often do the stretches and exercises at home.

Do You Need It?

Do You Need It?

You may be wondering, is physical therapy right for you? Will it really make a difference in your pain levels?

The only way to find out is to try. Your St Cloud physical therapist will only prescribe exercises and chiropractic care that will help with your pain. It's not like going to a gym and pushing your body to the limit. You're encouraged to go at your own pace, even if that's slower.

Still not sure if you're a good candidate for physical therapy? Here are some signs you should come in for a consultation:

  • You were just involved in an auto accident and now have severe pain
  • You're a chronic pain sufferer
  • You have a nagging sports injury that's plagued you for months or years
  • Your quality of life has significantly decreased due to your pain
  • You cannot move your body freely without pain
  • You have unexplained, enduring pain that has not responded to common treatments like rest, ice/heat, and over-the-counter medications

How Does a St Cloud Physical Therapist Help with Pain?

Your physical therapist, above all else, listens to you. During your first appointment, you should describe your pain and what caused it. You should also mention how long you've been dealing with the pain and which treatments you've tried (and if any worked).

From there, your physical therapist will formulate a therapy plan over the short-term or long-term that should treat your individual symptoms. As we've mentioned above, the exercises and stretches prescribed are not rigorous by any means. These are meant to slowly build and restore strength and flexibility. You'll also have a reduction in pain.

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Are you interested in trying physical therapy for your pain? Come see us at Spinal Rehab Clinic, your chiropractor in Sauk Rapids. Besides our physical therapy, we also offer chiropractic techniques for conditions like fibromyalgia, sciatica, sports injuries, personal injuries, neck and back pain, whiplash, and more.

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